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Features In Facebook Auto Poster

Step 1) Add Account : Just click on Add Account below Control as shown in image.

Step 2) Open Account : Select Add Account & click on Open Account Tab, You can see facebook login window.

Step 3) Login in Facekit V.2 : After entering your login details you will have an account in Facekit V.2

Step 4) Auto Join Groups : Click on Search on Facebook, You will be asked for keyword,Here is ahmedabad. You will find all groups in sidebar of the tool.

Step 5) Auto Post Group-Targets : Click on Auto Post Group then select Targets tab and click on Extract Group, where you can extract group which will be joined by you. You can import group as well using Import From Txt.

Step 6) Auto Post Group-Content : You can post message,image,video in groups using discussion post tab of Auto Post Group-Content.

Step 7) Auto Add Friends : Click Import From txt button through which you can import file of differnet friends and send them auto friend request. Make sure that txt file include Name User ID in it.

Step 8) Auto Inbox-Targets : You can send message to friends using Auto Inbox, You can send message & image to people using Import txt as well. Make sure the file contains Name and UID. Extract Friend List button will import friends which is in your Friend list.

Step 9) Auto List Marketplace : Click on Add Product and fill all Product details to Post your products in Facebook Market Place.

Step 10) Auto Share Post-Shared Content : You can share any post in joined groups using Auto Share Post-Shared Content.For this you have to mention id of post in Post ID field which you want to share.

Step 11) Auto Bump Post-Target Post ID : This section helps you about on which post you want to comment. You can also import file with many post ids on which you want to do comment.

Step 12) Auto Bump Post-Comment Content : Type comment message,which you want to do on Post Ids that are selected in Auto Bump Post-Target Post ID.

Step 13) Show Activity Log : You can check all your work/activity in this section.

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